Skin Cancer Evaluation. Simplified.

A handheld, objective device to assist primary care providers in evaluating skin lesions for the risk of cancer in seconds.


How It Works

Lesion Identification

1. Lesion Identification

Identify the lesion of concern on your patient, and simply pick up the wireless, non-invasive device.

DermaSensor Scan

2. DermaSensor Scan

Gently touch the small device tip to the lesion, taking instant spectroscopic recordings at different positions of the lesion.

Photo Scattering

3. Photon Scattering

Light scatters from particles in the cells of the skin tissue back to DermaSensor's spectral sensor.

Algorithmic Analysis

4. Algorithmic Analysis

Our proprietary algorithm analyzes the photons and provides an immediate "Higher Risk" or "Lower Risk" result.

DermaSensor Scan


  • Easy to Learn, Easy to Employ
  • Backed by Science, Powered by Data
  • Receive an Objective Assessment in Seconds
  • Non-Invasive, Sub-Millimeter Analysis

DermaSensor’s technology holds the promise of improving early detection of skin cancer by equipping primary care providers with a tool to better assess it.

David Leffell, M.D.

Chief, Section of Dermatologic Surgery
and Cutaneous Oncology, Yale School of Medicine
Scientific Advisory Board, DermaSensor

Device Animation

Make more informed decisions with DermaSensor's objective decision support tool.

99% of all skin cancer is curable if detected early. Our device has the potential to equip frontline providers to quickly and effectively check for all common types of skin cancer (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma).

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